Dear Pastors and Friends in Christ,

Our greetings to all of you in the Name of our only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

First, we thank the Lord for each and every one of you for your faithful prayers and for support God’s ministry in Lomé, Togo (W Africa)

Psalm 119:50  “This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me.”

Yes, only the Word of God comforts and brings hope and joy on the field.

This summer, we have been busy with VBS. We held an animal head parade (Editor’s note: a costume parade). This helped bring many kids. It was amazing. About 500 kids showed up for the VBS, they had fun, and many trusted the Lord. We enjoyed it.

For Benomé Baguida: Faith Baptist Church construction project: we thank the Lord for Pastor Joe Major and Dr. Lex Reed, the IGM Executive Director. Update: The floor inside has been filled with sand, and also, the roof was taken down. We are praying for a new one. After that, we will do the painting. And we are praying for a toilet. About $2,300.00 is needed for the project.

Please pray for the Agbata Lanzo area. We need land for a church facility.

Please pray for my wife’s health, and for our daughter, Anne-Grace. She needs an eye check-up with an ophthalmologist on September 6th.

Back to School:

We are praying for Anne-Grace school year 2022-2023. We need $750.00 for her school fees.

For this school year, we are praying to help 50 poor kids pay for their birth certificate. Each one needs $50.00.

Please pray for more souls to be saved.

Be praying for God’s protection and wisdom.

We need a good car (transportation) for the ministry and also for my family.

Pray for our monthly rent money and also for our monthly support to reach its full level.

Coming Event: September 8th -9th

Vacation Soul-Winning Marathon (VSWM)

We will have soul-winning classes for 25 people, and we will do soul-winning practice. Please pray for this.

Please, I need all your prayers and financial support.

Together we can reach the lost Togolese souls for Christ.

Again, thank you for praying and supporting us in the church-planting ministry in Lomé, Togo (W Africa)

Please send any gifts to IGM.

Pastor Kossi Thomas