Report of Mission Field Activities

Hello dear partners.

It is always a pleasure for my wife and I to share our news from the mission fields and to receive news from you. The hand of our God continues to keep us and to be able to meet our needs. The various local church services, evening and Sunday services continue to be held under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The church had a rather serious problem which required a lot of resources. Indeed, two of my children, a plumber brother, fell from a height of nearly three meters. If my children have a few pains, it was not the case of the plumber brother who had a broken foot and several other traumas which required an intervention worth $2400. This accident interrupted the work of connecting the water tower to the temple. We will resume work as soon as the Lord provides the means. I would like to bless the name of the Lord for the exceptional mobilization of the brothers and sisters of the church and also from my friends for the moral, spiritual and financial support. We understand in these kinds of situations that God is always on our side. I say a big thank you to Pastor Kenny Todd to his family and his church who allowed us to have drinking water.

I would like to thank the Lord for the lives of all pastors and their congregations. All the pastors and their families are doing well. Spiritual activities are carried out well in the field. We all welcomed the arrival of the new director and prayed for the success of his mission. We will not forget to give a big shout out to Dr. Gary for his service to the body of Christ. Thank you to Pastor James Arnold who goes above and beyond to help us advance the work of the Lord in Côte d’Ivoire.


My requests:

1) Pray for the complete healing of the plumber brother and his needs.

2) Let us pray that God will provide the means for the continuation of the work interrupted following the accident.

3) Pray for the growth of the various mission fields, for the pastors and their families.

4) Pray for an evangelistic campaign in the villages near the city of Bouaké.

5) Pray for the financial and food security of widows and orphans.


Brother N’dri Koffi Emmanuel