Dear Prayer Partners and Financial Supporters,

Praise the Name of our Lord Jesus. It is my hope that my prayer finds you well. My name is Lydia Karisa Kadenge, wife of Pastor Julius Kadenge of Grace Baptist Church in Kilifi, Kenya, East Africa. I would like first to appreciate the prayer partners and financial supporters through IGM-USA who stood with me since the day you heard of my husband’s illness. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy but through your prayers, God has brought me through.

Julius is out of the hospital and at home. He has not fully recovered, but we thank God that he is able to eat and can walk with little support. I say thank you on behalf of the family.

My son, Moses Karisa, a graduate with a Diploma in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, has acquired a one-year paid  internship scholarship in Israel under AICAT, to go and further his studies. He is scheduled to travel between August 21st and 25th, 2022. I pray for his facilitation on the air ticket and other expenses amounting to $957. Having this opportunity, he will be able to support the family and also expose him to the job market as we pray to God to strengthen my husband.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Lydia Kadenge

Philpians 2:13