Praise be to God. I am humbled to share with you what God is doing on the ground. We recently received and led to Christ 18 new souls, and we had the privilege to hear what they say about Christ.  “We used to have our god and you have your God but whenever we compared, your God seemed superior to ours. We pray but we witness nothing except calamities which led us to seek other ways.  Your God forgives and when forgiven, you get peace. Our God gives no peace, only revenge. We have been looking at this for some time and this is why we have been convinced that we need Him.” We will be baptizing them soon. Praise be to God in heaven. They need Bibles. Partners, pray with us. We are trusting the Lord for $200 for 30 Bibles for these new converts. Many are from the Muslim community. Pray with us for safety for them. It’s not usual to have such huge numbers. We should be prepared for anything. Some of these believers will find themselves being sent away from their families.


  1. Souls being won for Christ
  2. Peace in the country, especially on the coast
  3. Increasing church growth


  1. Food situation worsening each day
  2. Bible class renovation $1500
  3. Embassy appointment January 19, 2023
  4. Security and safety for my family and for the new converts
  5. Please, partners, pray with us about our Bible classroom which is falling down. We are trusting the Lord for $1500.
  6. Please gift someone here a Bible.


God bless.


In Him,

Godfrey Barasa