They shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance. In thy name shall they rejoice all the day:  and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted. For thou art the glory of their strength:  and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted. For the LORD is our defense; and the Holy One of Israel is our king.”   PS. 89 V 15 – 18

We acknowledge what the tremendous work our Lord Jesus has done and is still doing in our lives. We are therefore grateful for the Lord’s protection in our lives, his mercifulness and for his spiritual and physical care. Right now, the world is going through serious hardship due to the Ukrainian War whose economic aftermaths are felt in various countries worldwide. Our Country Togo is not an exception since in One year time the fuel price has increased 3 times, leaving the majority of the population in misery due to the expensiveness of life. However, we are confident that the Lord is still guiding every time and his Sovereignty endures forever. We are also glad the rapture is for very soon as we have to remain watchful and have to double our efforts in our mission work for the Lord.

We would therefore like you to pray with us for the following needs:

  • Pray for security issues in our country and our sub region West Africa which is now the target of terrorist attack. The security situation here up North in Togo is very alarming as terrorists have succeeded in maintaining an atmosphere of fear due to multiple killings which are perpetrated in the vicinities of the town of Dapaong. Dapaong is only some 200 km away from Kara where I live.


  • Please, we need your thank-you prayers for the improvement of the health conditions of my wife and my children. Israela is nearly 8 years old now and Ivan is 5 years old. Thank God they are growing graciously in the Lord.


  • Please, would you mind praying for the completion of my doctoral degree? We are almost at the end of the doctoral year and this is my last year. My probable date of defense is next December and let’s pray the Lord that everything go smoothly.


  • We need prayers for our mission work. Let us pray the Lord for resuscitating our mission field work. The Lord enables us to work in the reinforcement of churches as travel evangelists who carry out bible studies and preaching throughout the churches, especially in Kara, North of Togo. This mission project is very important as it is a source of encouragement for brothers and sisters and as it contributes to the reinforcement of the brothers’ and sisters’ faith within the churches. We therefore pray for the provision of a means of transport and of sound equipment in order for us to access the villages and to extend the scope of our mission field work. Right now, we have to cover three churches here in Kara.


  • In the coming days we feel the burden upon our heart to extend the Bible Study and the preaching to reinforce the faith in the churches of Bassar region and in the Barkouassi District which is reputed to be a Muslim area. We also feel the burden to visit and strengthen the faith of brothers and sisters in Burkina. Let’s pray the Lord that money should not be a limit to our vision for this noble ministry the Lord has entrusted us with.


  • Financial means have always proved to be an obstacle for the advancement of our mission projects and a source of discouragement for us. Discouragement in the Lord’s mission does not come from God. It comes from Satan. We request your prayers for our spiritual empowerment for a fruitful ministry. Please, pray for us so that we could be able to make ends meet and find the means necessary to carry on the mission work.


  • Eventually, we need prayers for the moving of my family here up North. May the Lord provide the opportunity so that we could find school materials and pay the school fees for our children at the next school resumption.


Thank you very much for your kind attention to our needs and may the Lord bless you as you remember us in your Prayers.

Kind Regards,

Genevieve & Donald.

As far as the Heavens stand above the earth, may the Unlimited God be exalted in your Lives. Amen