Beloved in Christ, it is with a grateful heart that we send you this letter to share our news and that of our ministry. First of all, please receive our fraternal greetings. We hope that you and your family are in good health. May God continue to provide you with His peace and grace.

My family and I are in good health in spite of the challenges of insecurity and the food crisis that prevails in Burkina Faso at this time. We are very grateful to God and to you for the prayerful support.

My wife, Georgette, who is studying medicine at the university is halfway through her studies as she still has four years to go. Your prayers to support her in the course she has yet to complete are most welcome. She is about to start an internship for four months while she is waiting for her classes to resume. For this internship, she needs a sanitary kit that we do not have the financial means to buy at the moment. We would be very relieved if she would get this kit which will be useful for all the other internships to come until the end of her study cycle.

As for our children, Happiness and Ily, they are on school vacation for at least four months. Happiness, our eldest, has finished the pre-school cycle and will start CP1 in October 2022. His sister, Ily, is still in preschool but in the second year of it. Please pray for them for this vacation period. We don’t have anything planned to keep them busy during their vacation. And that worries us since my wife is very busy during this time.  Our prayer is that God will inspire us and continue to watch over us as a family.

We thank God for our ministry. Maranatha Church in Bigtogo continues its journey of reaching men and women and children for the Kingdom of Heaven. During the quarter, we continued to strengthen the disciples in the village of Songdin where we brought the Gospel in the previous months. Currently, we are preparing a Bible camp to be held from August 18 to 24, 2022. We will have the participation of about 400 children from several churches in Ouagadougou and the provinces. We also want to have 10 internally displaced children participate because of the insecurity if we have the funds to take care of the participation fees which are $ 40.00 per child. Please pray for this event that the Lord will grant us good times with Him.

We are praying for you. We ask God to bless you in your different ministries, so that you continue to serve Him with joy for the glory of His Name.

The whole church by my voice salutes you and thanks you for all that you do to support the ministry. See you soon!



1- Pray for peace and stability in Burkina Faso.

2- Pray that the Lord will increase the number of members of the Bigtogo church and for a greater impact of the Gospel in this time of crisis in Burkina Faso.

3- Pray for my family and me that God will provide for our needs.

4- Pray for God to provide for the need of an internship kit for my wife, $320.00.

5- Pray for the need to have at least 10 internally displaced children participate in the program due to insecurity. $ 400.00

See you soon!!!