Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,


“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.

When Paul was writing this letter, he was in prison. One may ask, “If God shall supply all our needs according to the Bible, then why was Paul still in prison instead of being out and about sharing the Gospel?” The answer is simple: Paul had a good and vertical relationship with God and so was trusting His sovereignty and was submitting to His will. Almost all of Paul’s epistles were written when he was in prison. God allowed him to be in a place where he wasn’t mostly distracted by people including friends and followers so that He could reveal Himself to him, I submit. Sometimes, God allows calamities or storms to come our way so He can grab our attention and through that, we can have our prayers aligned with His will and purpose. The next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, instead of complaining or being angry or discouraged or fearful etc., just begin to praise God and look up! God might be preparing you to say or write words of encouragement to your loved ones. There may be people close to you who are in financial distress, dealing with stage 4 cancer, or preparing for a major surgery, or bracing for a tough exam, or struggling in a relationship going bad, or looking for a job which keeps eluding them.

When we remain obedient, faithful, and look vertically instead of horizontally, we can hear God’s still small voice instructing us to probably encouraging someone or a group of Christians who are facing serious or dangerous situations. We must not let our situation at that time cause us to be self-centered but rather to be confident that God has a better plan, and that He is going to deliver!

The war in Ukraine should convince us to set our priorities right instead of spewing out anger. Let’s pray for both sides, the aggressor and the defenders. We don’t have all the knowledge to judge who is right and who is wrong even though we seem to think we know. Let’s remember that, once upon a time, King Nebuchadnezzar attacked the Israelites and took them captives. Well, the 70 years in captivity had already been prophesied. Only a few Jewish believers knew about that. At the end, Babylon was also punished. The President and Vice-President are Jewish, and many Jews are returning to Israel as prophesied. Sometimes, it takes persecution for God’s people to move into action. Many Ukrainians have left their property to save their lives. It teaches us that seeking first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness is still true today! We are going to leave everything behind and what’s done for Christ is the only thing that is going to count in eternity. Scripture is being fulfilled every day and we are mostly blinded to see that especially by politicians. Souls, souls, souls, and lost souls should be our priority. Jesus said it in Luke 19:10. Let’s be intentional in seeking to lead souls to Christ. We are running out of time! Most of the world leaders promote abortion and LGBTQI+. They call Putin a murderer and yet sanction the killing of babies for any reason in abortion. It’s said that since Roe vs Wade, over 63 million babies have been murdered. Is it an issue of the pot calling the kettle black? We need not to compromise our faith and beliefs. The Bible has all the answers and not elected officials or leaders. Maranatha!

Adam Baptist Church

Praise the Lord for the salvation of 8 more souls. There’s a preparation for 11 baptismal candidates to undergo the ordinance in two weeks’ time! Construction of the wall is ongoing to prevent encroachment and trespassing. Thieves are also threatening the church with attempted break-ins.

Deaf Ministry

Our desire to reach the hearing impaired with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still on track. Our Deaf fellowships are growing. We currently have a large membership. During the Christmas Camp for the Death, 152 professed Christ as Savior and 98 got baptized.

Blind/ Physically Challenged Ministry

During the Easter Camp for the Blind 2022, 213 visually impaired and 27 physically challenged attended. A total of 17 professed Christ as Savior and Lord.

Adom Baptist Fellowship and Emmanuel Baptist Church

A total of 82 have received Christ as Savior this year and are in the process of being baptized. We’re currently working on the permit documents for Emmanuel.

Women’s Vocational Training Center

Construction is still ongoing and hopefully the first major challenge of roofing will be completed in the next few months.


This year has seen a lot of challenges in funding to help buy materials, and books for the clubbers. So far 23 children have professed Christ as Savior.

Street Children/Orphans Ministry

We still help feed children and provide health care on the streets. Covid has disrupted our activities but thankfully, we’re still managing with whatever God provides. This year, we have a few orphans graduating from college and universities, praise the Lord!

Container Shipment

The Lord helped us once more to allow Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church to help with the payment of almost $9,000 in shipping a 40-foot container loaded with mostly donated items, including a motorcycle, to Ghana. We’ll need $6,000 to clear the shipment when it gets to Ghana including the registration of the motorcycle.

Village Evangelism Ministry

Two villages are ready for a church to be started there. We’re praying for the funds to help with transportation and food for the interim pastors.

Baptist Global Institute

June 20th to July 20th, our graduation and teaching starting from the Muslim community in WA will take place. Rev. Bill Lambert, from Dallas Theological Seminary, will be in Ghana as the main speaker.

We’re thankful for all the other ministries including the orphanage, Muslim evangelism, adoption, school, Bible and literature distribution, Biblical counseling, radio Bible teaching, and others which are still ongoing.



  1. For the souls saved during both camps and in the churches
  2. For the permit gathering momentum



  1. For the new converts and those waiting to be baptized
  2. For $5,496.73 to help roof the women vocational training center
  3. For $4,715 to finish building the Adom Baptist Church fence
  4. For the students graduating this year
  5. Additional financial support to help more orphans and needy children
  6. New work started in 2 villages
  7. My health and strength to do God’s work



Once again, thank you for prayer and financial support.


Alex Boamah