August 2022


“For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” Psalm 100:5

We praise the Lord that Nicole’s back pains are no more as serious as they were.  She had to have another injection on the 26th of July but the doctor did not come to the office. It will be this month, hopefully. I am grateful to the Lord for my health but last Saturday morning, I hurt myself badly while working on the school building.

The Lord continues faithfully adding souls to the congregation. On the 3rd of July, I baptized 9 people at Temple Shalom. Please, pray together with us for these new babies in the Lord.

Let us share this testimony with you from one of our Sokode, churches.


Testimony of KPELENGA Essossinam

I am a little bit ashamed, and I do not like to be among a crowd. I was born into a pagan family. I was shy to be called a pagan, therefore, I chose to join some friends from our quarter to go to the Catholic church, which is not far from us. One day, my brother came from work and told me that a man shared the Word of God with him, and a joy filled his heart; from now on, he will be attending his church. He brought a New Testament with him. My brother invited me to go with him but I refused. I am a student in my last year. The pastor invited me several times to join them for the Bible studies he used to do with my bother in our house, but I refused. However, I used to read my brother’s New Testament when he would go to work. I was confused by what I read. When the pastor came, I approached him and asked him, “How can I be a child of God?” He let me read some verses. I was overwhelmed. I repented; I invited Christ into my life. Even if I die today, I am so glad that I have eternal life. I will be going through the baptismal class when it starts in order to be baptized.  


Difficulties: We cannot hold open-air film projections because of the government recommendation that says that you need to present a vaccination card to be in a crowd. We cannot limit the number of people coming to watch the film and we cannot control them if they come.

Recently, the government asked the churches not to make noise with the speakers and some churches were closed because of that; therefore, we are afraid.

Requests. The church needs: 1. Your constant prayers regarding the numerical and spiritual growth of the members. 2. God’s provision to finish the church building construction. We have finished with the foundation.

P.S. Just for you to remember, Sokode is the town most populated by Muslims in our country.

We are getting ready for the next academic year, 2022-2023. As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are almost finished building three more classrooms. We poured concrete on the 15th  of July and the walls for the three rooms are built. We need to cover it before the classes start next month.

Sincere thanks to all of you for your supports through prayers and finances. The Lord is really at work among us. May His blessings be upon you all.


In the Service of the King of Kings,

Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON