Dear IGM Partner,


It is with joy that we write to you, hoping that the grace of God rests upon you.

Indeed, we are encouraged by the faithfulness of God because His Spirit supports us in our various activities.

Professions of faith in Christ: Women’s activities from May 26th to June 25th ended with an evangelistic outing. From this, we recorded 35 new conversions.

Baptisms: Forty-four people were baptized on June 4th, 2022, and then integrated into our annex churches to contribute to the life of the church.

Training of Disciples:  We trained 38 disciples in Toumoudi, 250 KM from Abidjan, and 26 disciples in Abobo, a district of Abidjan.


Prayer Requests:

Pray for the discipleship training that will take place in Guiglo, 600 KM from Abidjan, in July 2022.

Pray for the MIE Youth Outreach Outing that will take place on August 6, 2022.

Pray for the acquisition of two plots of land costing 10,000,000 CFA (about $15,630 USD) to build 2 churches in two communes of Abidjan.

Pray for the 24th academic year now taking place with 27 student evangelists.


In the Name of Jesus Christ, we sincerely greet you, dear partners.


Pastor Koffi Konan