Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

”Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Anika Family continues to be grateful to you all for your participation and contribution in our ministry through prayers, donations, support, and words of encouragement. We have never ceased to lift you up before the throne of grace of our God. We hope this newsletter finds you well and strong.

The ministry at Apedokoe Village is keeping moving and growing. In the month of February, a new family joined the congregation. It was a matter of great joy. Also, the government has removed the restrictions concerning the Covid-19. However, the vaccination campaign continues calmly.

All our church activities are now in place: the door-to-door evangelism program is back, the children’s Sunday School class and services have resumed, the children’s Sunday afternoon activities have been back since February 13, the new members’ baptismal class is progressing, and the ladies’ fellowship meetings have resumed. On Easter Sunday, we had a wonderful celebration: Communion service and a potluck. People liked it.

We are feeling the effects of the war in Ukraine: the price of petrol has been increased twice already. Food has become very expensive and unaffordable, especially for low-class families. Ten days ago, I visited the marketplace for a price survey. I realized that there are a lot of food items that cannot be sold just because of the cost. I also realized that bargain discussions are held all over the place. The immediate outcome of the situation is ”many people must go to bed empty belly”. We tried all that we can do, so that some church members could have one meal a day.

We thank you in advance for prayerfully considering our requests:

  1. Help pray with us for our members to remain faithful to the Lord, no matter the difficulties of the moment.
  2. We would appreciate any good willing assistance to help buy and distribute basic food items among our congregation, mostly made up of low-class people.
  3. We are in the need of a computer and a laser printer. This will help us do secretarial work in our office instead of at an Internet café. We should keep discretion on the content of ministry documentation.

May the Lord bless you.