Hi, Partners.


If you’re like me, reading the news can be heartbreaking. From famine and drought, terrorism and war to the deep, seemingly insurmountable political divide in our nation and the societal issues that affect us all…the world seems to be in constant turmoil.

As followers of Jesus Christ, you and I know exactly why this is happening.

Billions of people around the world are lost and far from God. And unfortunately, this isn’t just a problem in faraway places. Out of all the countries in the world, Africa has the largest number of people groups not yet reached with the Gospel. We also have the largest unchurched population in the world. The church in Africa is a mile wide and an inch deep.

Never in our lifetime has the need for the hope of Jesus Christ been more urgent. And we’ve never had a greater opportunity to share the life-changing, heart-transforming Gospel together!

God has given you and me – and Calvary Bible Baptist—a specific mission. He has called us to equip believers worldwide to confidently share their faith and to make disciples who will then share their faith and make other disciples.

Our Made to Multiply initiative is designed to do exactly that.

Alongside local churches, and with strong prayer and financial support from friends like you, we plan to equip thousands of Kenyan Baptist believers to confidently share their faith and help make disciples. Then, in turn, those new brothers and sisters in Christ can reach countless others for Jesus.

By God’s infinite grace, we expect to see thousands of Gospel conversations, hundreds of new believers, and hundreds of new missionaries committed to sharing the love of Jesus with people everywhere.

But we simply can’t accomplish all of this on our own We need friends and partners like you to step forward and link arms with our team, working together to reach our broken world with the love and hope of Jesus.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today, Partners.

Because you share our passion for reaching the unreached…because you believe the local church should be accessible to every individual around the world…because you are strongly committed to helping others find Christ…will you consider making a gift to Calvary Bible Baptist Church right now?

This season of giving is critical for Calvary Bible Baptist because we have lost many of our members due to lack of food and water. The drought has been so tough for two consecutive years. Then the COVID-19 pandemic. The price of commodities is very, very high. We thank our partners. For the past two months, you pulled up quickly to save the situation of Calvary Bible Baptist. We need to be in the right financial position to ensure that we can, in fact, equip hundreds of people to share their faith.

Specifically, I am looking for 40 men and women to give $100 each. This will help fund several key components of the Calvary Bible Baptist Multiply Initiative over the next year to help us reach our goal. Will you give? If so, please give your gift through International Gospel Missions.

I hope you’ll take time to pray and consider if and how God would have you give. Then make your generous donation.

Let’s reach Kenya with the Gospel, partners!


Pastor Godfrey Barasa

Calvary Bible Baptist Church

Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa