APRIL 2022


“Why seek ye the living among the dead?

He is not here, but is risen…

Luke 24:5b, 6a


What great news! We rejoice in the privilege now for over thirty years of serving a risen Lord! God has been so good to us in show us His faithfulness, even in the midst of our failures.

As I write this letter I rejoice seeing God at work. Last night after the service one of our ladies came to me and asked, “Pastor do you have a minute?” “yes of course was my reply”. “My sister in law in Mexico has been very sick and I have been sharing Christ with her. I told her she needed to open her heart to Christ. I told her I would ask you to help her do that.” So the phone call was made and I had the oportunity to lead her to Christ! Please pray for Vasilia Santiago. May she grow in the Lord if it be His will to heal her.

Some time we wonder what are we really doing? There seems to be no results in our labor, we are so far away from family and things just do not seem to come together. Again and again the Lord takes me back to the day I promised I would serve him wherever he desired me to do so.

The lord continues to use me in preaching every morning on Facebook live. Between 30 and 45 minutes. We hear of many who have been blessed with Word. As I write this letter, I am preparing to head out to Mexico to preach an anniversary meeting for a church in Veracruz and a birthday party for one of our graduate pastor’s daughters. (a Quinceañera)

Recently I met a Pastor here in Burlington who has a radio ministry over the SW radio. He said I was an answer to prayer because he needs some to preach in Spanish for him. This is a new project the Lord is opening that we may just continue to preach …in season and out of season…

We praise the Lord for our family. We have spread out a little and we are learning how it is to split up in all the spots.

Timothy and Yessica, in Texas and our little Lyanna. They are serving in their local church there. They are waiting for another little girl in the month of July. That was our surprise for Christmas! We are excited and enjoy watching, even over video calls our granddaughter grow.

Melissa and Jacob Live Mathews, NC where she is teaching in a Christian school and he is assisting a pastorate in Huntersville, NC and planning on doing his master’s degree online this coming year.

Natanael is finishing up his second year at Bob Jones University, where again we are amazed how God has provided the funds for him to do so. Pray the Lord will help him in that and give him a clear understanding on what He has for him.

Again, we want to thank you for standing with us over the years as we have served the Lord. You have had a great part in seeing our kids grow.

Pray for safety as I travel and that God my use me mightily.

Pray for Ramona as she stays behind due to work situations.

Pray for our kids that they may never loose their desire to serve the Lord wherever it may be.

Pray the Lord will continue to give me wisdom and strength to continue preaching and serving Him.

Thank you for standing with us and praying so we can continue to serve our Lord.

For His Service,

Timothy and Ramona Abbott