Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

I took on the Ministries of Church planting and related church works on November 28, 1982. In 1987 I joined the IGM Family as a national church planter while heading our Headquarters Church as a missionary pastor. So far we have established four local congregations spread in various parts of the country with schools (One junior and the other elementary in different Localities;

Present project: Responding to Disaster -four days ago a strong wind blew the zinc over one of our school buildings – we had to close the school by force, while government had mandated that all schools be reopened on Tuesday April 19, 2022.

Request: please join us in prayer with for us to be able to reopen our Junior High School between Tuesday – Friday April 20 – 22. May the Almighty God continue to bless the works of your hands. We appreciate you.

Considering the crucial importance of the project of constructing a church edifice and the length of time it is taking to complete, we definitely stand in need of prayer.

From all indications, our ministries continue because of your prayers for which we are grateful to Almighty God and bless His Name. We also prioritize the training of our pastors for better handling of the ministries. Such training must be conducted on the college level. We bless Him for making maximum use of the minimum amount received.

So far, we have established three branch churches in various parts of Liberia.

Under the auspices of IGM the Bible Believing Baptist Church has been serving the Lord in Liberia: preaching, teaching the Word of God as well as baptizing and establishing church congregations with what the Lord has blessed us with.

One of the exciting projects is the turning of our Bible School into Bible College (BAPTIST TEMPLE UNIVERSITY). You are aware that such project is cost intensive.

Please pray for us in this endeavor. God is blessed.

Thanks and appreciation for all.

Rev. Siaway Dahnkuan

Liberia, West Africa