Dear All Prayer Partners,

How are you doing? Here we are doing well serving the lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for your prayers. Recently, we had a meeting with our church widows, and we managed to support each of them with 1kg of maize flour and 1kg of sugar but still, it was not enough. The support we gave was from the church members after studying the book of James 1:26-27. We have arranged as the church to give them support at the end of every quarter. We have ten widows in the church. We ask for your prayers.

We thank God for your prayers. We started the Bible college class and we had eighteen students who attended and more still will join. Continue to pray for us.

We thank God for pastors’ wives. Since we taught them how to back their pastor husbands in the ministry, we have seen great impact in the churches.

The number of believers is increasing all the time. But the only challenge is that the pastors’ household income from their churches is low. They need help to provide for their families and to send their children to school. Prayer partners, many of them practice selling green vegetables, omena (small fish), tomatoes, onions, sugar cane, ground up ground nuts (peanut flour) and sukuma wiki (collard greens) to supplement their income. We humbly request your prayers. If they have the boost of $30 dollars each month, they will not lack food for their homes. We have thirty-two pastors.

We thank God for your prayers. We have finished plastering inside the church and have half plastered the outside. We have also started doing the pavement which shall be completed soon. Continue to pray for us here in the Sebei region.

I want to inform you that I am still at the Lukalesi Baptist Church project until the whole work is done before going back home. We have finished all plastering both inside and outside and very soon, we shall complete both the coping and the veranda. Continue to pray for me as I am still at the site.




Paul Syaiti and Irene

National Field Representative