Dear Ministry and Prayer Partners,

Greetings to you in the most precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We thank God for the opportunity and privilege to communicate with you. The Lord has kept us safe through the pandemic and the many hardships that are a result of Covid-19.

This is to thank you for your prayers and financial support which have brought much relief to us and helped us to deliver on our mandate in the mission field.

With the addition of the Russia/Ukraine war, commodity prices have gone through the roof. We pray for peace everywhere in the world because this affects us personally. Most households in Kenya are suffering. We are excited that difficulties occasionally drive people to seek God’s truth. We had two people confess their faith in Christ as Savior after an extensive three-month period of Bible study.



  1. Two confessions of faith
  2. The opportunities and resources available to teach God’s Word
  3. The privilege of having prayer and ministry partners
  4. Safe trips to and from the Bible college which is 350 miles away


Prayer Needs

  1. Church transportation utility vehicle (van) – USD $20,000
  2. Personal and family support – USD $500 per month
  3. Personal ministry transport (car) – USD $ 8,000



Yours In Christ,

Pastor Allan Maina