Dear partners, I greet you all in the beautiful Name of our Lord Jesus. My family and I are healthy, thanks to God.

We bless the Lord for all He is doing for us in Benin. For several years, our churches have met in places that do not belong to them and our means are very limited to buy land for each of them. God is lifting one of our churches out of this situation and we are rejoicing.

Indeed, our church in the locality of Zopah has been meeting for 11 years in a rented facility. But by the grace of God, the owner joined our church and was baptized. A few months ago, he decided to offer part of his land to the church in recognition of what the Lord has done for him and his family through the church for several years.

We have, therefore, decided to immediately begin the construction of the church building with the means at our disposal. By the grace of God, the construction of the church actually started on February 19, 2022. And our wish is to finally have a well-built meeting place to serve the glory of our God and the testimony of the church. But our resources being limited, we need your support, dear partners, for the success of the project.

To date, we still need about $ 30,000 to complete the project. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, your contribution to this work, whatever the amount, will be welcome and will serve to advance the mission in Benin.

Prayer Topics:

  • May the Lord help us to finish the construction of this church building to the glory of His Name.
  • May the Lord lead the work and grant His safety to all workers working on the site.
  • May the Lord help our other two churches as well (Cotonou and Porto-Novo) to acquire land on which to build church buildings.
  • May the Lord continue to open the way for the Gospel in Benin.


May the Lord sustain you and bless your efforts to advance the work of Christ.


‘’Rock’’ Otekpola