February 2022


“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” Matthew 10:27

We thank the Lord that the specialist was in our town, and I was able to see him Wednesday, January 26. He used a medical instrument where he passed it through my right ear to see inside of my throat. He said that I have a sore throat down to my chest. He prescribed me four different medicines and he asked me to come for a check-up on February 16. I got relief for my throat just for a few days from the medicine and the pains are back. However, I continue taking the medicine as the doctor said.

The doctor prescribed a different medicine for Nicole, too, because of her pains.

Some of our pastors and their families were sick, too. Nevertheless, we thank the Lord they are all doing much better now.

As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, the evangelist team I put together is named Groupe Timothée / Timothy’s Group. I had in the past a group like this in one of the churches. Some of you remember what the Lord did with that team in the past. We currently have 11 in this group. Last Saturday afternoon, this group went to the village for door-to-door evangelism. The team used to meet at 3:30 on Saturday for 30-minute discussions before we left at 4pm for the village to visit people. Even many times we stopped people on the road and gave them tracts and shared the Gospel with them.  One member of the group who was doing this for the first time said after the visit, “Pastor there are a lot of people who know nothing about Jesus.” I replied, saying, “You are right. People go to church for entertainment because, unfortunately, the Gospel has never been preached to them where they go. That is why the Lord asked us to go.” We met a woman who was very interested in the Gospel. She was fetching water at a well. Please pray for her salvation. Pray also for this evangelical group.

A few weeks ago, a young man came to me and said, “Pastor please help me. I know I am possessed by demons, and I want to be finished with them.” Unfortunately, he drinks much. I visited him two times already, but he does not yet understand the truth. His wife and children started coming to the church. Please, pray for his salvation.

Last Thursday evening around 5:30 pm, a young woman came for spiritual and physical needs. Nicole and I shared with her the Gospel, and she confessed Christ as her Savior. We are doing what we can do to help her with the physical need, too. Her son has a physical disability. Pray that the Lord will intervene in his life.

Let us talk a little bit about the day school at Temple Shalom.

As I have mentioned in our newsletter, in the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022, the church, Temple Shalom, started a day school. It is amazing how the Lord helped to put up this day school building this year. We built three classrooms which are used for class one to class three. The basement of the church is used for kindergarten and the day-care. Next year, we will have to construct three more classrooms because we would like to have pupils up to fifth grade if the Lord permits. However, we will put a concrete roof on the first three classrooms in May before building the new three classrooms and cover it with sheet-iron if the Lord provides.

Therefore, we are praying that the Lord may provide about $6,000 for the construction of these three other classrooms. We have now 74 children in the school. We are hearing good testimony from the parents. Please, any kind of financial help towards this project will be great.  We are projecting vacation school and VBS during the school break time this year, which will be in July, and a part of August.

We also have some other needs for the day-care and for kindergarten, which are used toys, used small plastic playground equipment floors, and anything that we can use for these ages. Let us know if someone has some of these things. We will see how these can reach us here.

We are so thankful to each one of you for your concern, for your prayers, for your financial support, for your unconditional love, and for everything you continue doing for us and because of the KINGDOM. May HIS blessings be upon you all.

In the Service of the KING of Kings,

Nicole and Paul ASSIGNON