Hello, my dear supporters and all friends.

Thank you all for your prayers and support towards our ministry in Kenya. We buried our loving mother on Saturday the fifth of February 2022.Many people attended the burial of our mother. Thank you all for your prayers.

Our ministry is going on well. Two churches joined our fellowship in January this year. We thank the Lord for adding churches to our fellowship. We thank you for standing with us in providing food for the hungry. This has been a blessing unto us. We sincerely appreciate it. The challenge we have for now is that two of our fellowship churches have no roof and they conduct their services under trees. Another challenge is that some of our churches have no chairs and sit on logs. These believers are happy during their church services for they love the Lord. We thank the Lord for all that happens and have great hope only to God Who is the Provider.


  1. We praise the Lord for adding two churches to our fellowship.
  2. We thank you for remembering us in providing us with food.


  1. We pray for shelter and church chairs for five churches.
  2. Again, please pray for my monthly support.
  3. We also urge you to pray for us during this mourning period.

May our dear Lord bless you all.

Thank you.


Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Julius and Lydia Kadenge