Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus. We are very thankful to God for sparing our lives over the past year.  It was not a very easy one for us, but God has been very faithful.  Last August, we were able to return to full fellowship. Some folks have not returned but we do have a very faithful group coming.  Currently, we only meet Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. The building was damaged by the eruption so we are preparing to start a major building project very soon.  At this time, we are making our own concrete blocks that will be used for the project. I have the task to build on the upper floor that will be our main fellowship hall.

Our family is doing okay at the moment. We have been protected by the hand of God throughout the pandemic; however, we had the flu recently but everyone is well at this time. The girls are all grown up now. They have some face-to-face learning and some virtual learning.  Zackarie and his wife are doing great.  Currently, he is in college studying nursing while his wife is teaching. They are also building their house and I have to be the builder to finish it


Being Grateful to God,

The Georges