Dear All Praying Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for all your great labor for the Lord.

Here are my prayer requests.

Life can mean to torture. Sometimes it wants to make you feel like you are the worst father, mother, or guardian when the time comes that you can no longer provide the needs of those you take care of.

Brothers and sisters, I hereby write to you this in sincerity that time has come when I feel so unworthy; I have 5 orphan children that I have been taking care of. At first, I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong because the higher their level goes, the more expensive their schooling becomes. Before, they were studying within our school; however, some have gone beyond our level we have in our school. Now with the reopening, and all learners needing to be at school, in addition to my 6 biological children who all go to school, I have managed to take even the 5 orphans to their respective levels. But I write to you that I cannot see potential ability remaining in me to pay all their tuition fees in their schools. I am so worried because I know that soon they will be sent back home until the schools receive the tuition fees which have become a major problem for me.

It is really sad to say that my eldest son, who is supposed to have joined the university, is still at home until this day due to the financial crisis. I feel like I have failed him but still, I choose to believe that the Lord is faithful and will provide for us and that he will get to join for his courses (clinical medicine).

On the other hand, however, the Lord has graced us with children at our school. It is the only Christian school in the area where the Word of God is taught, and parents see a change in their children. Through your prayers and support, we were able to build 2 classroom blocks, that is, 5 rooms so currently we need extra rooms. Even if the Lord provides for us a temporary one for now, we are worried because if the rain starts, other children will not have a place where they can stay.


May God bless you all.

Paul Okoth