We thank the Lord for His grace and goodness. We have been through some difficult times but by the grace of God all is well at the moment. Indeed my four children and my wife were sick. They suffered from malaria and some infections. But they are healed by the grace of God. We thank God for His assistance and mercy.

At the church level, all is well by the grace of God. We continue to share the Gospel and make disciples. Two new people joined our assembly during the month of November.

We had three days of evangelism in a village called Akoupé Zeudji located 10km from the city of Abidjan. The evangelization program ran from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 December 2021. We celebrated Christmas with the needy children of the village. After the evangelization we plan to install a church in the village.

Please pray with us for the success of the evangelism program at Akoupé Zeudji.

Pray for land in the village for the fledgling church.

We thank you for your prayers. Happy Christmas and New Year’s Day to all donors and members of the IGM family.

Pastor Konan K Arsene from Cote d’Ivoire