We from Gospel Baptist Church do thank God for all who have sent to our Father in Heaven prayers for the work we have here in Kenya. We thank God for you all.

The evangelism work progressed very well in the month of October and November as the Lord touched and changed many lives. One major problem is the burning of many schools that we have witnessed in both October and November, this evil work being done by students. Two of our Children, their schools underwent this burning. We thank God that they are all safe but lost everything in the burning. Then now comes the penalty for the Students of these Schools to be accepted, they must be penalized – paying an amount charged by any burnt School authority.

This payment doesn’t leave out our Orphan Children, though they didn’t participate in burning the schools. Pray with us for this to change even as we are just about to enter into a New year shortly.

We pray that you on the other side of the Sea / Ocean may experience the Lord’s Love, Care and His visits in your lives during Christmas celebration. We wish all of you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New year.

Please pray for the peace in Kenya as we approach general elections coming next year . May the Lord’s Great Grace cover you all. Amen


Rev. John Olan’go Orinda