January 28, 2022

Verse: Ps 103:2


The year 2021 is gone! What a year it was for me, for my family and ministry! For me, the bygone year was an outstanding one in many respects:


My children my wife and I have all been sick repeatedly but the Lord has acted favorably towards us by making his grace abound, although there are analyzes that I have not yet done to date, for lack of means. .


On the 52 Saturdays of the year 2021, we had to go out to evangelize 40 Saturdays. We preached the gospel to about 500 people; About 120 people accepted to pray with us, 5 accepted to join us at the church.

On Sunday January 9, 2022, during the annual worship service with the churches of Cotonou and Calavi, we presented these young people who began to attend Sunday services as being the harvest of the Lord in favor of his assembly in Porto-Novo.

Goal for 2022:–   Strengthen the faith of new members of our church through strengthening sessions; –   Continue and complete the baptismal courses started last November; –   Continue evangelism outings every Saturday.


Prayer Request:

We need financial support to pay the rent of our place of worship which amounts to $100 per month.

We need sound equipment which is at $1200.

We also need more prayer support for our evangelistic outings.