May God of all be with us all in Christ Jesus.

Your beloved Aziatroga Kokou in our common Lord Jesus Christ chosen for the salvation of lost souls in Togo-Tsevie and its surroundings. We are proud to be ambassadors of God in our locality. Despite Covid 19, we still preach the Gospel on our antenna early in the mornings and pray for our people. We give thanks to the Almighty God for His blessings in our family and in His ministry of the salvation of lost souls in TSEVIE and its surroundings.

The church in TSEVIE is doing well spiritually and physically. The morning prayer from at 5 am – 6 am, from Monday to Wednesday is well attended at least by thirty people and the Wednesday evenings at least by forty people.

Children, teens, youth and adults are around 160 to 190 on Sunday mornings. The Lord’s supper is well attended by the majority.

The Gospel is always announced on our antenna in the district. The church has launched a fundraising appeal for $ 4000.00 which is also open to all goodwill for the purchase of land glued to our temple which is on sale before the end of this December.

We plan to start a cell in a Church family home in TSEVIE Boloumondji and Gbatope next December.

Although my family does not have regular monthly financial support, does not discourage us from the work of God.

We participated in the couple’s conference in the Baptist Biblical Church of TSEVIE- Gbenondou on Sunday 14/11/21.

On Sunday 28/10/21, I preached at the Biblical Baptist Church of Kara of Pastor Assigno Paul.

I teach the Word of God in our college “Blessing“, I hope for many converts this year.

Ten souls came to the Lord through the morning preaching and 25 through other ministries: music, couple’s group, youth and teens.  We are going to prepare them for baptism next Easter.

We celebrated 2 weddings in Tsevie. We have others who got engaged and may have their weddings in this New Year as well.

We will be planting a new church and preaching points this year.

For the salvation of lost souls, we want to strengthen our antenna with a recording studio and sound equipment for public manifestation in order to attract worldly singers also to Christ.


Prayer Requests


  1. For good health and regular monthly financial support for my family. $ 1200.00
  2. For our eldest son Tsoeke Elisée Aziatroga in his 3rd year in Theology in Accra, Ghana. He will graduate from the end of three years of theology training this May coming in Accra and will be in the ministry of children, youth and music.
  3. For regular monthly financial support for the ministry
  4. For the purchase of 3 motorcycles at $ 1400.00 each. We lack the means and it slows down the work in the villages where the car goes only once a week on market day.



  1. For the reinforcement of the antenna, Recording studio, PA system $ 5000.
  2. Prayer for the football team and an orchestra for the evangelism.


Benjamin Kokou Aziatroga