Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Greetings from Canduman Baptist Church!

Behind all the challenges we faced, covid 19 is still here but behind that it seems our daily life is back to normal. We can travel to other places for doing missions outreaches. Regular church services are back to normal as well, but when typhoon Odette hit our area, everything collapsed. No water, no electricity, and no Internet connection. This will lead to looting and hoarding, and it has been a really sad experience. The restoration has still not been made but the sad thing is that in our area, there has been no aid from the authorities.

Prayer Requests

  1. Restoration of everything in the places affected by the typhoon
  2. Twenty-one souls followed the Lord in water baptism by the month of January.
  3. Outreach financial needs for building construction
  4. Church lot rental to expire on September 2022
  5. Financial needs for the mission church building which was destroyed by the typhoon.


Pastor Cruz