Shalom, shalom to you in the Name of Jesus and a very happy new year 2022, may the grace of God our Father accompany you in this year 2022 in the name of Jesus Christ. GOD has manifested himself this year, and we have church members growing spiritually as they participate in different methods of evangelism and are truly involved in the life of the church. the method used this year is outdoors. So, we had 3 outdoor evangelisms one in MARCH, one in AUGUST and the last one was in OCTOBER. Also, we had a baptism in the month of March and are continuing the discipleship training of people won to CHRIST. We had also initiated a children’s play club called JBS (Bible and Sports Games) in order to maintain and bring other children to CHRIST. We also had special thanksgiving services to raise funds for the purchase of land, for this purpose, we received a visit from Pastor Emmanuel. We had an evangelistic outing on Saturday 11/27/2021 as we had planned in our last report. It was a success, because almost the whole church participated in this last great evangelistic outing of the year 2021. It consisted of going door to door, visiting those who had registered on the list during the outsiders and the backsliders, distributing treats, was an extraordinary exercise in time. GOD appeared and added to the church adults as well as children.

We also had the children’s party on December 24th, and it was a success with a presence of 90 children, so we had won nearly 20 children thank God, here are some photos. Finally, we had our last meeting of the year on December 31, followed by an Agapé. We had received support from the mission which allowed us to meet certain needs and expenses related to evangelization, and finally to pay LUCIE’s surgery costs.


1/ This year, we pray that GOD will eradicate the health disease of COVID in the world.

2/ Pray for GOD to improve the health of our mother, Denise Arnold.

3 / Pray that this year we can have land, because our place of prayer is very limited. As you can see in the photos, we are under a tarp and on the road.

4/ Pray for financial support for the ministry as my rent has gone up.