We bless God for the great, wonderful things that he is doing in the life of our family and also in the ministry of his assigned kingdom that he called to me. on July 24, 2021 our main Church located in Adakpame had celebrated its 20th year of existence accompanied by its two little church daughters and the other sister Churches. Following this event and the moment we are in this period of the Covid 19 pandemic, God grants us a special grace which will lead us to start a new work of church planting located in the North – East of Togo. The distance from the main church to the new one is 85 km. The place where the said is located is called klologo. the saved in Jesus who gather are adolescents and young people. Few are adults who have difficulty coming.

Let me give you a very small testimony about the leader of this new congregation. Indeed the name of the pastor is called Kokou Agounon. I knew him at a young age. He
was the first convert I had led to Christ when I began my full time ministry in 2001. Kokou married in the Lord in 2007. Today Father 3 children one Guy and two daughters. He does the Biblical Institute with zeal. Always the desire to announce the good news of Jesus Christ of his accomplished work John 19:30. Counting on his journey and experience acquired in the Lord, we attest to you God called him for his work in Klologo. Those beloved in the Lord let us pray for his two urgent needs for this new assembly. the purchase of the land and the construction of the temple under which they should worship.

Concerning the main church has just started its baptismal class with 25 candidate believers in Jesus. They will be baptized in 2022. Similarly, door to door evangelism to continue despite the pandemic, some give their lives to Jesus. With discipleship their faith is strengthened.

– Monthly support for my family and the ministry.
– $ 120 for next year’s VBS.
– Food: sack of rice and corn.


– 3,000.00 USD purchase of land for the church in Klologo and 3,500.00 USD Construction of temple building
– 10,000.00 USD for the continuity of the construction of the permanent temple of the main church.

God is faithful and He will. May the Lord bless your congregation and also each of your families.

Etienne Kodjo A. DEGBEY

Serving with IGM