As a family of Christ we say, God is good. We hope our letter will find you healthy and blessed in His kingdom. Down here we are doing well in His Kingdom.


God has blessed the ministry we are doing here in Kenya. Churches have increased and now there are eight in number and it is all by God’s grace. I am grateful for that. We are experiencing a change of life to some people and some are coming to Him in salvation.

God has been so good to us and he opened a door for us teaching the youth rallies in Kilifi town.

–              Souls coming to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

–              Some come to dedicate their lives to Christ

–              Christians grow in Him.


Traveling from one church to the other is a challenge for I walk and sometimes hire a motorcycle because my bicycle is not in good condition now. Traveling in seeing the leaders working with me, too, is an issue; it is really hard but God is encouraging me. This is all by His grace.

Drought: In our area, we sometimes go without food because we depend in farming and it has been dry for two years now. Animals are dying like flies and we miss some members to church due to this drought.

Some churches have no buildings and we thank God we are building slowly as per our strength.

My wife and I are making charcoal to sell in order to meet our daily needs and taking children to high school.


Funds to help finish our church buildings; to help the members to get relief in drought; a motorbike for easier transport to reach these churches in the ministry.

A relief to our family and church members as God leads you

A laptop for easier communicating and giving reports

Support for our house building project

Iron roofing for the two unfinished church buildings


We thank God for I.G.M has helped us in many areas and has really encouraged us in the ministry.

We had relief from IGM last year. Gary Newhart helped us last year when our school fees accumulated. Gary visited our church in Kilifi. Russ visited and stayed with my family at home for 2hours. He also visited 3 of our churches in the interior together with his wife, Joyce. They gave us a water tap and it is still serving at the home church till now, etc.

We are glad for the IGM support and the partners’ prayers because we believe they are praying for us though we have not met them. Like Holly Baltich and other I.G.M officials. Brother Anthony has been to visit my family 3 times. We are so grateful.

I am still with I.G.M and we welcome the IGM family to visit us.

Praise the Lord! Amen.

God bless you abundantly.

Rev. Andrew Pite



I thank God for I.G.M. 2021 has been the year for my motorbike. God bless you so much for I have received Kshs.200,000 from Rev. Anthony Juma and I have bought the motorbike already and I hope I will reach more places for Christ and more edification in the church will take place.

Thank you for your great generosity, Russ and Mama Joyce, Holly Baltich and the entire I.G.M family.