Dear Prayer Partners,


Greetings in the precious’ name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Brethren, we cease not to thank our most High God because of your partnership together with us in the ministry.  Certainly, your partnership together with us has enhanced the works of the ministry in our city, and to the regions beyond. Together, we are reaching the world for Christ!

My family and I continue to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! The LORD has blessed us with good health, and He continues to give us strength and wisdom that we all need. Our first born son, Andrew is now in kindergarten in a local primary school. He is doing well academic wise. My wife is pregnant and she has been facing some health challenges related to her current condition. Thus, she has to go to a gynecologist every month for checkup, just to make sure that both she and the baby are in a good condition.

Folks of our church are doing well in the Lord. Everyone is committed to sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though, we have been affected by several lockdowns which the government has been putting in place, we cease not to thank God for allowing all members to be back into the assembly of believers, after the lock down of churches.

Otherwise, our church family continues to pray that the Lord would provide funds needed to build the children church and Bible college classrooms. The LORD has provided $ 2500.00 out of $8000.00 needed to complete this vital project. Thank you so much for your fervent prayers and/ or generous financial support toward this particular need. Please continue to pray with us concerning this need. We know that the LORD will provide the remaining funds in due time. Together, we are reaching the world for Christ.



  1. Growth of Tabernacle Baptist Church family.
  2. Safety and Protection
  3. Strength and wisdom to serve our LORD.
  4. Provision of part of funds needed to build children church and bible college classrooms.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for the salvation of the lost souls.
  2. Pray that God provide the remaining funds needed to build children church and bible college classrooms.
  3. Pray for an increase in monthly financial support.


May the LORD our God bless you for your labor of love in Christ!


In His Service,

Peter & Beritah Nilson,

Tabernacle Baptist Church