Dear Brethren:

Thank you for your prayers of courage in the home-going of one of our heroes in the faith, Mr. Joseph wee, 90, passed out September 25, 2021 when he was knocked down by a reckless motorbike rider that resulted into brain damage  that led to his demise. The funeral service was held at the Unity Baptist Central Church in Monrovia on 18th October, 2021.

The body was later carried to his hometown in Riverces County, about 200 miles from Monrovia. I  preached on the theme, “ This day will surely come” from Genesis 3:19. Many came to commit their lives  to Christ knowing that death, no matter how well you live or how worst you live, will surely come. But the most important thing is the life after death!

In that massive congregation of more than 300 people,  forty eighty persons (men and women) marched in the front to accept the Lord and subsequently begin to prepare for this after life. This is because of your prayer. He left behind his widow and 12 children. The “Jungle Lion” (my Nissan Pathfinder) was the real hero in moving the body to the countryside.

Thanks, May God richly bless you.


Peter S. Gebeor

National Church Planter

Liberia, West Africa