Dear faithful prayer supporters –

This letter is long overdue.  It has been a heartfelt challenge for me to write this and finally get it sent to you.  I ask your forgiveness in taking so long to communicate.  These past 8 months have been very difficult emotionally.  Kerry’s passing to Glory was unexpected and I was completely devastated, but looking back to that day, I can see God’s hand orchestrating all of it.  I don’t question God for taking my husband, my best friend.  I don’t ask why.  This is what I know and it is all I need to know – it was time for God to call Kerry home.  Because Kerry trusted Jesus as his Saviour, I know he is in Heaven, experiencing all the joy God prepared for him. I’m thankful for that!

But I’m still here.  And that is the purpose of this letter.  After many hours of prayer and seeking God’s will, I have decided to resign from IGM, our mission agency, and retire as missionary to Grenada.  By doing this, I release IGM to prayerfully & fervently seek a new man or couple for the role of missionaries to Grenada.  And it frees me to continue to search for how God would use me.  With all my heart I am ever so grateful for your love, your prayers, encouragement, your financial support for Kerry & me and the Grenada ministry.  The pastors have loved the team members who have joined us in helping them share Jesus with the lost these past 20 years. I have loved seeing God at work and lives changed, both Grenadian and American! There have been over 1,000 salvation decisions, thank You, Lord! These trips have made a huge difference in the lives of so many!  And I know that I will never lead a team by myself – I can not Biblically, physically or mentally take on that role.  I have such a deep love for the Grenadian people and the friends I have there, that I want the best for them and I can no longer provide that for them. Therefore, as of December 31, 2021, I will no longer be a missionary for Grenada through IGM.  I ask that all financial support for me would stop by the end of this year.

However, I do ask (beg of you) that you would prayerfully consider these suggestions from my heart.  Because you have loved us, the Grenada ministry and the people of Grenada, please consider redirecting my support:

~ to IGM, the mission agency.  They are faith based and do so very much for their pastors and missionaries.  They also provide accountability and a tax-deductible receipt for every financial gift.  The current director, Gary Newhart, has a relationship with every person that is a part of the IGM family. Currently they have a new campaign called “Grow in Faith”.  Because Brother Newhart sees he is advancing in years and wants the best for IGM, they have hired a new man to become director starting in February of 2022.  Please see their website for more detailed information on this ministry and financial need.  ( )

~ to one or more of the Grenada pastors.  Kerry & I were blessed to know these men and work along their side.  They each have a passion to reach their people for Jesus.  They each have struggles that we can’t even imagine.  My heart will always be for them and I will continue to prayerfully and financially support them as Kerry & I did in the past.  But so many needs, physical & financial, were met by team members.  All that has temporarily stopped for now but the needs are still there.

~ for the church being built by Pastor Casimir Thomas.  Yes, he is still working on the church building!  The walls & roof are up, the electrical is in, praise God!, but there is still much to be done.  Building materials are expensive here in America, but even more so in Grenada.  It is his heart’s desire, and mine, to see this church completed, for God’s glory!

For each of the needs listed above, a one time gift of any size would be a blessing.  And going beyond that, monthly financial support for the IGM mission or the Grenada pastors would help to accomplish God’s work in this lost world. No amount is too small, and your gift would be credited to your account in Heaven! I leave the decision in your hands. Please prayerfully consider how to continue to give and I have God’s assurance from His Word that He will bless. I would be more than happy to discuss any of these needs by email or phone.

How am I doing?  I’m sad every day and yet I feel the joy & peace God gives me.  I miss Kerry every day, so much more than I ever dreamed I would.  I’m so thankful and overwhelmed by the love shown Kerry through the cards, flowers and financial gifts at his passing. He would have been so humbled by it all. I never would have imagined Kerry passing at 70 years old.  We always “joked” about who would go first.  I guess he won that argument! I’m forever thankful that God allowed me to be his wife!  Health wise, I had emergency gallbladder surgery in March and that has really helped me. Emotionally, some days are good, some are not as good.  But God is taking care of me, providing for me, blessing me.  He has never failed me.  I have family & friends around me and a church family I love.  God has allowed me to have some fun & relaxing times with them these past 8 months.  I know He is watching over me & has a plan for this new life He has given me. I’m seeking His will, watching & listening.  My motto has been “Praying, Trusting, Waiting.”  I appreciate your prayers as I continue to love & trust God and somehow serve Him until He calls me home!

Thanks for being a part of the Grenada journey!


In Christ,

Terri Psinas