Psalm 121:7-8

“The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: He shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”


Jambo from our family.

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness. He healed Paul from Covid and protected Leah. Thank you for praying for us. The Lord made it possible for us to visit our children and granddaughter, Aziza, in August.  It was such a joy to see and hold her. We had a wonderful time.

We got back safely and are continuing with the ministry. We praise the Lord that more people have come back to church and that Covid is decreasing. We had a fundraiser for tiling the church building and painting. We just got that done and it looks nice. We thank the Lord for providing the funds. The newest ministry is the young mothers program. About four months ago, Leah and some other Ladies at church started it. Please pray for wisdom for Leah and the other leaders and for these young mothers that they will be encouraged in their faith and for those who have not yet committed their lives to the Lord that they will do so. Lord willing, we are planning to start the 6th feeding center. At this village, there is great need of water, and we thank the Lord that He has provided and soon the village will have some water. Hopefully, there will be enough to use for their homes and a little extra to try and grow some crops. These projects will open an opportunity for the church to reach the community with the Word of God. Please pray with us.

We continue to raise funds for students. Cynthia is one of them. Before she graduated from eighth grade, her father left. She passed well but did not have hope of joining high school. Her mother is not employed and depends on casual jobs whenever she can get one. The Lord provided for her, and she was able to join high school. Another one is Jessica, just to mention a few. Her father was killed when a car hit his motorbike. The mother is also not employed. Now these girls have hope for the future.

We are still trying to raise funds for the kitchen and dining room at the school. Besides the monkeys and baboons showing up at mealtimes, there is a problem when it rains as the children eat outside. Please pray that the Lord will provide the $14,000.

We pray and trust that the Lord has kept you safe.

Appreciate all your prayer and financial support.


Paul and Leah