Psalm 53:4, 62:2

Hello to you, my dear friends, brothers, sisters, and prayer partners.

I am grateful to the Lord for His mercies and thankful to Him for you. I hope you are all doing well. My wife, Ameyovi, are praying for you and your family. We are asking God
for health for every one of you. In this difficult time of COVID, we ask our Lord to protect every one of us. We pray for those who are sick to be healed quickly by His grace.

Our kids are doing well. We thank God. We are so thankful for your prayers and donations to support our ministry here in Togo.

We are so thankful to our Lord for His guidance, His protection, and His leading.

We had five weeks of seminars with teachers all over the country and everything went well. Middle school and primary school teachers were equipped to be good tools for the Lord
in more than 4,000 kids’ lives this school year. One hundred and eighty-seven teachers were involved in these seminars. We thank God for His greatness.

Please, we have some requests. We need you to pray for the following:

1. Roger: his motorcycle has been stolen. he needs a new one to be able to visit schools to encourage, equip, and help teachers and kids. The cost for a new motorcycle is $1200 USD.
2. Teachers, schools, and kids this year. Churches are locked down in Togo but schools are open. We need to make the most of this opportunity in the lives of these kids, their families,
and their communities.
3. The whole world with this pandemic. may God give wisdom to governors to make good decisions for their population.

We appreciate and love you a lot. We rely on the Lord and we keep growing in the faith. God bless you all.

Roger and Ameyovi