Shalom, very dear partners and prayer supporters. We continually give thanks to God for knowing you. We pray that He will bless you in every way to accomplish His work. We are more than happy to work with you, knowing that you are praying for us and supporting the work of our God.


We can come together to worship our God despite the rainy season because it did not rain enough on Sunday to prevent us from worshipping God. Glory to God. However, we fear because the rain will last at least three more months. We are in a garage which measures 5 x 3.8 square meters. We have more than 100 people including children and we rent a tarp to put up next to the garage for the children.


Despite this, we still continue to multiply actions to enlarge the kingdom of God. We were planning an outdoor evangelism event on August 6th and 7th. As we were preparing for this event, misfortune befell us. Our sound system, that we were going to use for the event, took a blow caused by the instability of the electric current. We sent it to be repaired but they are asking $650 to do the work. Also, the landowner is pressuring me and saying that he has to solve an emergency problem.


Please pray that God will provide the $650 for the sound system repair that we use for evangelism.


Pray also for funds to purchase the land and that God will speak to the heart of the owner who is pressuring me.


Pray for financial support and a motorcycle for the ministry.


Your Servant,

Kouame Kouassi Serge Pacome

Ivory Coast


UPDATE: We give glory to God because the outdoor evangelism event took place on September 6th and 7th. There were many participants. Six people made professions of faith and some backsliders repented. Thank you for your prayers and a big thank you to Pastor Emmanuel and his church for lending us their sound system because ours is still at the repair place.


We will be having another outdoor evangelism event in October and plan to do so every two months. Pray that God will provide the sound system and equipment for evangelism.


The landowner is still pressuring me, and I don’t really know what to do, but I am confident that God will grant us this land and help us build a church building here.


Pray for these new converts and those who repented of backsliding.


Pray for God to provide the means to buy the land in order to boost the work.