Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Dear Friends,

We greet you from Apedokoe Village (Togo) in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do hope that each reader of this newsletter is doing well. The family here is fine after the dark days we went through in July and August. The Lord took good care of us. The entire family fell sick of malaria. Agathe and the children received healing after one week of treatment. Kossi spent four additional weeks in bed; he suffered from diabetes and hypertension. The checkup revealed a high rate of sugar and a too low rate of sodium in the blood. At this moment, things have become quite normal. The pains have almost disappeared. As most of you know, the treatment of diabetes is for lire (Editor’s note – possibly a form of insulin), so Kossi is on it.

The ministry has never stopped, no matter the situation. Our helpers are there to take over and keep the work moving. Church services are held once a week on Sundays. Home visits are conducted; this week, we have created a WhatsApp platform so that we can share messages with members and exchange requests and vital information with everybody.

Last week, the government made the decision to close churches down for one month, because of the quick spreading of the pandemic. The vaccination has become compulsory, though it is not clearly stipulated on the government media. Those who are not vaccinated are denied access to administration buildings for any service. We do not know what is in the morrow for us in Togo.

One month ago, our daughter received her bridges and crowns. We are seizing the opportunity to express our gratitude to our brothers, sisters, and friends who helped us out. May the Lord bless you richly.

However, the dentist let us know that during the surgery, two teeth were removed by the surgeon, assuming that they are not solid enough to receive bridges or crowns. The empty places must be filled with two protheses. The cost is estimated at $2,000. We are appealing for assistance, so that our daughter could get this done at its time designated by the Lord.

We are grateful to the Lord for the protection and blessings He sends from above. We do not forget you who pray for/with us, and support or provide for both our family and ministry. God bless.

Gratefully in the Lord,

Kossi and Agathe Anika