Greetings to you, brethren, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The years 2020 and 2021 have been challenging but God is faithful.

Rejoice with me for the Lord has done it yet again. He has blessed me and my son, Jonas, with another year, on July 7th and the 4th respectively. Steve, my husband, had this statement that he would always make on such special days after the usual family prayer had been said:

Each time the birthday song is sung for you, remember you are nearing the grave. What account do you have to give to the Lord?

Birthdays in our home have naturally not been a time for big celebrations but rather, times to appreciate God and to have sober reflection on the present and future life.

I thank you all for your sincere love and prayer support and will continue to request that we keep the “prayer line” more knitted.

Let’s pray for Christians worldwide so that our love for the Lord will not die out in these trying times.

Let’s pray also for the rampant missing children on this side of the world, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. May God’s divine protection be bestowed on these kids and those that those who are yet to be found will be located soon.

I request prayer for my health; that He will continue to strengthen and keep me as I age.



Milicent Malm