Dear Partners in Christ,

 Thank you for your faithful support over the years. May the Lord continue to bless you financially, numerically, and spiritually.

Here are the recent developments at Grace Baptist Church.

A Reduction in COVID-19 in Jamaica:

In my last letter I informed you that the disease had spread wildly across the country, putting a strain on our hospitals, health centres, and our health workers. The death rate had increased also. Through the mercies of God and the availability of vaccine we have seen a great trending down of the disease, deaths, and over crowdedness at our hospitals and health centres. This prompted our government to relax the restrictions to certain degree. The number for social gathering rises and whereas only ten (10) people could attend church, the number is now (70) seventy.

Building Project:

The extension of the church’s worship hall as we mentioned in our last letter, no work has started because of lack of funds. We are now in the rainy season, and we are concerned over the amount of rain water which will be dumped on the deck, the concrete slab which presently covers the buildings of the first floor. Because this area is exposed to the elements, the water which is settled there seeps through and damages the steel and concrete of the pillars and columns. We really would like to put up the four (4) walls and the roof.

Child’s Month:

During the month of May each year we celebrate our children. There were programmes this year which motivated them, which confirmed our love for them, which inspired them of their worth, and which sought to empower them of how to protect themselves.

Our children were involved in the Divine Worship by reading Scriptures and welcoming our worshippers. The theme was “Striving to Overcome Adversities with Resilience.” We used the Word of God to show them how to S.O.A.R.

Increase in Numbers and Blessing at Our Bible Studies and Prayer Meeting:

Nothing can stop the church in its tracks. Jesus said, “And I say unto you, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Matt. 16:18

Previous to the COVID-19 disease pandemic, the number of our face-to-face attendance at our prayer meeting and Bible Studies was (7) seven. The disease outbreak forced us to meet online, and our number has jumped to seventeen and the spiritual blessing has been greater.

So instead of checking and silencing the church, COVID-19 has caused it to be more vibrant.


For the reduction in the disease outbreak

For the glory COVID-19 brought Him

Prayer Requests:

For the salvation of lost souls

For the growth of the saints

For open doors of Christian witness for the church

For funds for our building project


Yours in Christ,

Clifton Smith


Jamaica West Indies