Hello Dear Partners,

May the grace of our GOD abound in your life in the Name of JESUS ​​CHRIST. We are good because the grace of GOD abounds in our life and in our work.

The church is doing well and is organizing itself as well as possible to accomplish the mission entrusted to it by its Lord. Since we are on vacation, the actions multiply to win souls to Jesus Christ. So, among the children, we visit them every Wednesday and on Saturday, we have the Bible and sports outreach (JBS). We are going door-to-door for adults, and we are planning an outdoor evangelism outreach August 6-7 followed by a special worship on August 8 to raise funds for the purchase of the land. Currently, we have an opportunity to purchase some land not far from the church, and the landowner I spoke with is impatient as he says he is in dire need of money to fix an issue.

Pray that GOD will provide the means for the purchase of this land. Also, pray for financial support and a motorbike for work.

Your Servant,


Ivory Coast