Praise the Lord. Hoping that you are fine and doing well in the Lord’s ministry.


The churches are doing well, for the Lord is increasing the converts and our joy is to witness lives changing in the Lord and people growing well in His grace.

We managed to start another new church in late April this year, but the church has no building. Currently they are meeting under a tree, and we are constructing a temporary building, but we need at least iron sheets to cover the roof of the temporary building.


Our area is very dry. We depend on farming and now we cannot meet our needs for the plants dried up and now we are just unable to move well, but we live by God’s grace so pray for us.


  1. Motorbike for reaching different areas of our churches
  2. The iron sheets for the new church, nails, and ridges
  3. Replacing our old house


Andrew Pite Chome.