Hello dear partner brothers and sisters in Christ.

We bless the Lord for His benefits since the opening of churches whose closure was caused by the coronavirus pandemic in our country, Togo.

The blessings and some needs.

I- Bassar city: We have at least 20 people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ and joined our community. Among those who gave their life to Jesus Christ, there is a Muslim who was expelled by his parents from their home. He lost everything. He needs our support to live his faith.

II- Binadjoube: Seven people confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. They’re members of this church now.

III-Kountoum: In the past rainy season, their building was donated. Now we have started to build a new building. We need five hundred dollars to complete the construction. Pray that God will help us to complete this building for His glory.

IV-Bitchabe: This is the last village where we have established a church. The community now has 25 people. We’ve found a lot where we’re going to make a place for their worship meeting. We need $400 to complete this.

We are happy to have you as a partner and supporter in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,

NAMBOU Ezekiel,

Bassar, Togo, West Africa.