Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:

I will love thee, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so, shall I be saved from mine enemies. –Psalm 18:1-3

The last days of May 2021 have reminded me of the mercy, grace, love, and greatness of our God!  Life is full of challenges and come at us in all sizes, all directions both personal and corporate.  The key is to be ready to face each one in the promises, strength and wisdom that is found in the Lord our God.  We are all in different phases of our spiritual growth and He knows what it will take to move us forward to impact the world around us.  You can read later in this letter about one of my personal challenges.

The two most significant challenges were the opportunity to share the Gospel with two men who were utterly lost and on their way to hell.  Both were heavy drinkers, and one was in AA.  He shared with me a little of his present state in AA telling me he was in the third phase of the program which talked about a relationship with God.  He comes right out and said, “You are a minister. How do I get this relationship?”  I think my irregular heartbeat skipped several beats all at once.  I wished I could report that he asked Jesus to be his Savior.  I gave him a Bible and a booklet titled Ultimate Questions.  Then when I was in the hospital, I received a roommate that reminded me of Gramps on the TV show Duck Dynasty.  His joy in life is to sit on the porch of his cabin in the woods and play with his cats and drink beer.  I had an opportunity to talk to him some, but he had no interest in spiritual things.  The problem is that I don’t see how he is going to make it physically.  Please pray for Al and Bill that by God’s grace they will come to Him.

The third challenge brings me to the country of India.  I am hearing almost daily of pastors and wives dying of Covid-19.  Someone said the leadership of India would like to see 3.8 million of the India population of 1.4 billion die.  If true, this is not good since this would pertain to the poor caste rather than the upper caste.  Death is affecting many who are close to IGM and need our help.  If we could raise any amount of funds and get it to them, would be of some help.  One of the keys is that oxygen is not available to the poor and corruption hinders everything.  Please pray what you could do to help.  You can go on our website or send a check designated India Relief and donate and make a gift for our brothers and sisters in India.  You might want to encourage your church behind this crisis.

An unsuspected journey all started on April 28th when I had chest pains, etc. and was taken to Strong emergency to find out what was going on.  Since the symptoms are the same as a heart attack, acid reflux, and gallbladder, I was diagnosed as having acid reflux.  I returned home to my normal routine. After visiting my PC doctor, because I was looking yellow, she ordered blood tests, CAT scan, and ultrasound tests. It was found that the liver enzymes were elevated and the tests showed possible gall bladder issues. On May 18th, a call from my PC doctor told me to go to emergency at Strong Hospital, as my liver enzymes were very high and there could be a blockage in the gallbladder. After waiting several hours, I was put into an observation room.  After 3 days and more tests, I was diagnosed as having a blockage in common bile duct between the gallbladder and the liver and that the gallbladder was very bad and needed to be removed. On May 21st,, Friday, the common  bile duct had 2 stents inserted and one stone blasted. On May 22nd, Saturday, morning, laparoscopy surgery was accomplished to remove the gallbladder.  On May 23rd, Sunday, I was able to go home.  After a few issues with the “plumbing”, I am slowly feeling better.  Please pray for a speedy recovery. On June 4th, we will be flying to Virginia and on June 6th, I will be performing our granddaughter’s wedding. Lord willing, we will be returning to Rochester on June 11th.  Many thanks for your faithful prayer and/or financial support, as we serve our Donors, National Church Planters, Orphans, and Missionaries.

Your missionaries for the cause of Christ, Gary and Nancy Newhart.



  • For our faithful prayer partners and/or supporters
  • For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
  • God’s continued work in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus around the world.
  • The many souls who have declared their profession of faith through baptism


  • Safety from COVID-19
  • Continued healing and good health
  • Continued financial support, both for personal and travel


  • Pray for Volunteers
    1. Willing to be of help in the Office
    2. Transport nationals while in country to meetings
    3. Pick up national pastors from the airport and return them when their stay concludes
    4. Willing to help with cleaning, etc.
    5. Maintain the six flower gardens.
    6. Paint the outside of the IGM house.
  • Pray for more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to operate the Mission.
  • Pray for a vehicle for IGM, that runs well and the body is in good condition for the Mission (tax-deductible)
  • Pray for Michael Grubbs, our Communications Coordinator, who is booking meetings for the MTC Team – Sept. 1 – Oct. 10.  If interested in scheduling meetings, please call Michael.

Tentative IGM Activities

(Activities all depend on the Pandemic situation)


MTC – TEAM TRAVEL – SEPT. 1 – OCT. 10, 2021


June   15—IGM Council Meeting

Aug.   24-30—Mission Training Conference

Aug.   26—IGM Council Meeting

Aug.   29—MTC Pastors in Area Churches

Sept.    1—Oct 10 — MTC Team Travels

Dec.   14—IGM Annual Council Meeting



June 2 – Gary & Nancy’s 59th Wedding Anniversary

June 6 – Granddaughter’s wedding – Megan Peterson

to Dillan McCauley, Forest, VA. (Grandpa

Newhart will marry them)

July 29 — Gary’s Birthday

Aug. 12 – Nancy’s Birthday