Greetings from Pastor Franklin and Family,

It’s my hope and prayer that this email finds you well.

Our dear friends, supporters, and prayer partners, first of all, I would like to thank you for your continuous prayers and financial support. It has made us be able to do God’s work here in Kenya.

My family is doing well. Our son, Jahdiel, is progressing well in school, thanks for your prayers. He normally commutes to school and back and takes his medicines as prescribed by His psychiatrist. The church is doing well. All the ministries are running well, and we appreciate what God is doing in the church.

Our dear prayer partners, in all the coast region in Kenya, we do normally receive rains in the month of April or the beginning of May, but unfortunately, this year 2021, this has been different. Many people, including our church members, have prepared their shambas (gardens) but due to the shortage of rains, there is drought, and this has made many people struggle to feed their families. We are not expecting any harvest because there is no rain. We are asking for your humble prayers for my family and the Voice of Hope Baptist Church for God’s providence.


Yours In Christ,

Franklin & Claris

Voice of Hope Baptist Church, Kikambala

Kenya, East Africa