Dear Friends,

We greet you warmly in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave His life, so that we find free salvation for our souls. We give Him honor and glory. We are also grateful to each one of you for both your prayers and financial support in the ministry.

Our family is particularly glad to give thanks to the Lord for the love, goodness, and protection we find in Him. We do want to report to you that our daughter, Happy Joyce, has successfully gone through the first phase of her treatment after the motorbike accident she had over two months. The surgeon fixed the fracture at the level of the chin and the damage caused to the jaws. She spent three pathetic weeks during which she could not eat. She was fed on liquids stored in a syringe. Presently, she can swallow soft foods only, because of the seven teeth. We are still raising the needed funds to have the teeth replaced. Your prayers and assistance are highly appreciated.

We finally resumed church activities on May 16, after a fourteen-month shutdown. One week later, the attendance grew from 19 to 28 enthusiastic people. There are more to come and join the group. The services are held under the mango trees. They last one hour and a half. Children’s game time on Sunday afternoons is suspended until further notice.

We are thankful to the Lord because our people are in good health. None of us has experienced the effects of the Covid-19 disease. We are facing the inflation on the prices of all basic food items. For instance, the price of the corn went up by 40℅ last week. Life is being complicated. People have started knocking at our gate. Unfortunately, the food stock we put in place at the beginning of the Corona crisis ran out long ago. Any assistance for such a project will be appreciated.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we would encourage you to continue to pray for churches and their activities in these periods of restrictions. We will not forget to do our part in your favor.  Because the Lord is alive, we can face tomorrow. God bless.

In Christ,

Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel, and Hope Anika