Shalom very dear partner and supporter of prayer, may the grace of the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST abound in your life. For you are doing a great job in the Lord’s mission through your prayers and your supports, thank you and remain blessed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

So, all is well because our LORD is manifested in the work so that we reap the fruit and our joy is perfect. OUR LORD manifests Himself in the midst of young people and children through the JSB (Biblical sports game), first by maintaining the first and then adding others. This ministry among this class is becoming successful because it attracts many children and young people. We lack a lot of games to satisfy these children and a motorbike to transport the children because many come from far away. Also, we plan to open a mission field in a nearby village shortly and your prayers and support will strengthen this ministry among children.

The church grown so that we can no longer all meet in the garage so we rented a tarp and chairs for worship and soon we will be entering the rainy season. Also, the church is being strengthened and our joy is great because it has decided to raise funds for the acquisition of land and the construction of a temple. For this, they had a special service on Sunday, May 9, to collect funds. With the visit of Pastor Emmanuel, who preached to us this day, it was a time of joy and liberality. The next fundraising is planned for August 8. Your prayers and support will allow this great project to be carried out.


Prayer Requests:

1 / Pray for the strengthening of the church and JSB (Biblical sports game).

2 / Pray for land and the construction of a building for worship.

3 / Pray for a motorbike and financial support for the ministry.


Your Servant,