Dear IGM Partners,

We give thanks to God for the grace He has given us during this time, in order to share our prayers with you. We pray that God will bless you and give a favorable ear to all of His prayer items that come to you in Jesus’ Name.


We would like to thank the Lord for the healing He has given me during the illness which necessitated a sick leave for hospitalization.

We bless God for this new year which He grants us.

We bless God for IGM and for all the actions they take for the salvation of souls.

We bless God for the life and health He gives us.

We bless God for the current socio-political climate enjoyed by our country, Côte d’Ivoire

We bless God for all the new conversions to Christ brought about by this pandemic crisis around the world.


Pray that God will grant us the financial means for the acquisition of three plots of land for the construction of three annexed churches (1 in Abidjan and 2 inside (Divo and Alépé) for the supervision and strengthening of the new converts who are now in a restricted framework: about 230 souls won to the Lord in 2020 and the number increases with each evangelization outing.

Pray for our twelve (12) major evangelization campaigns including four (04) in Abidjan and eight (08) inside the country.

Pray for an increase in the faith of the church which has been weakening in recent times.

Pray also for the obtaining of ten (10) motorcycles for our missionary evangelists. Pray that God will grant the means for our missionary journeys (Séguela and Katiola) in this year 2021.


Pastor Konan Koffi