May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all, partners. I take this wonderful opportunity to share with you what the Lord is doing along the coast of Mombasa, Kenya.

Souls are being won for Christ. In the month of April, we led four Muslims to Christ and baptized them, hallelujah.

Last Monday, I led another Muslim to Christ. This is really amazing. Despite the pain of the pandemic, we are still pressing on.

Brethren, very quickly I have a very pressing need and felt I should share it with you. We are in need of $300 to help us take our son back to school this coming Monday. Pray with us. Also, we are trusting God to bless us with $100 we need to acquire Bibles for these new converts. They have witnessed our God working and are ready to share.

Once again, we say glory to God forever.

In Him,
Pastor Godfrey and Emily