Dear brethren, in the Mighty Lord and Great redeemer Jesus, Greetings!

By God grace I, my family, and the ministry are doing well and having some challenges. We trust you are all doing well, safe from pandemic. May God continue to take care of you. May the promises of the Lord spoken in Revelation 3:10 stay your portion; it says: Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Dear beloved in Jesus Christ, your prayer and your financial support are working greatly by the power of our mighty Lord Jesus Christ. He is with us, strengthening us and protecting us perfectly. All the Glory to the Lord and to you, brothers and sisters thank you so much. See below what I mean.

Family News

By The faithfulness of God We are all fine, kept from the virus, winning malaria and protected against terrorist. We are praising God for health. I have attained the 10 Courses of the great commission school. Praise the Lord who provide from the beginning to that end. My Wife Essita/ Esther lost her little job from Mars 2019 due to Covid, this job is still closed. We inspect to have $ 400 UDS to help her doing fond activities. (Ice production). Our first daughter Phoebe is now at Fada N’Gourma looking for probation that may allowed her to defend her bachelor degree of Communication in Development. Eunice the second daughter is doing her first year at University. Nathan is looking for high school Diploma that opening the way to University. Pouguininseli Blessing is doing high school class 2. We are in great need in family now to complete Eunice University Schooling and family life Need $ 850 USD. Please pray.

Ministry news

  1. The Great Commission’s College

On the side to Accomplished the Great Commission we are on the way. We are ending the training of Master degree in ministry. In the level 5 of our training each pastor recruited at least 25 other pastors and teach them.  These 25 pastors also on their class five recruit 25 other to train them. Remember each pastor have to train a part of the teaching to his own church beginning by the leaders. By God grace we have done a part.

The 44 pastors we trained to Course 5 started in January 2021 their training centers. So we traveled from the 18 to 23 of January, 2021 to open these centers and to comfort them. More of these centers are in terrorist risk zone. How to do? But the Lord protect us and we went to 17 centers from far towns and villages. Before that the Lord helps us to translate in 2020 the first Manuel in Gurmanche language and it allowed about 400 indigenous pastors to access the training. We are now translating the Manuel 2. By God grace the Great commission is on the way. Thank you for be praying.

  1. Our Church News, the Great Challenge

 By God grace our church is surviving and the Lord is faithful to us. Hope Alive Initiatives sent help for the poorest people. Our church was allowed to receive that help. Ten (10) people received rice and food supplies 3 times, and we preach to them the Word of God. May the Lord call them to salvation.

Our great Challenge is that:

Since January 2021 we are without land to pursue our ministry.  As you remember, the borrowed land on which we were worshiping is sold. We have removed our pavilion from it and kept the material with a neighbor’s house, ready to be reinstalled on the coming land.

Nevertheless the new owner of our last place allowed us for a moment to have our service on that ancient place waiting for the starting of his buildings soon.

Please let’s join our prayers and gift to provide a place, a property for the Lord in that church please pray.

That project may cost $40,000.00 USD; it is heavy to us but easy to the Lord. Prayers

To do our Sunday service, we are renting a tent every Sunday for meeting that’s too expensive for us, it already emptied our little money. Until now the Lord has provided for renting tents.

But we saw that He’ll be better for us to have our own tent waiting to have a piece of land to raise our pavilion or build the temple.

A Tent may cost $ 800 USD we are praying to have our own tent and use it, free from rent. After all it will be used for Sunday school activities.  Please Pray.

Prayers Points


Thanks God For the health of all the community

Thank God for his protection and security

Thank God for the spreading of the ministry to accomplish the great Commission in spite of terrorism.

Thank God for mastering the Covid and Terrorism.

Thank God for his power to pursue the ministry even in great need.

Thank God for providing the tent rent from January to March.

Prayer request

Pray God to provide for us a way to complete our survival need support, as we are very low in that moment.

Pray God to provide the need of the family that may allowed us to go forward in the ministry. $ 850 USD are needed for our family life and schooling. Please pay.

Pray God to provide a tent for us $ 800 USD

Pray for our Church to have a property, Church’s Temple and other. 40,000.00 USD

Pray God to put an end to the Covid and the terrorism in our countries its increased poverty.

Pray the Lord to help me finish all the remaining assignments of our training for graduation.

Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ,


Pastor Thimote & Essita Dayamba

Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry

Emmanuel Church of Bendogo