“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” Psalm 100:4

April marked a year that the Lord allowed me to share His Word every morning on Facebook live. A year ago, we were down with covid pneumonia, we were to be closed in in for several weeks and I said, “Lord I cannot just sit around the house for that long, what am I going to do so I do not go crazy?” The Lord led me to start sharing something from His Word for our people. Not only our people were blessed but many of our Mexican friends going through the same struggles, were blessed! God has put it on my heart to stay at it every morning. I share a thought from God´s Word, I share some prayer requests, and then pray for our people.

In February/March, God allowed for Mony and I to visit our moms, church, family, and friends in Mexico. As we went around visiting, we realized how many people listen to our morning time in the Word. We praise the Lord He has used this to bless many!

It was last year we started learning how to use this Facebook live thing to preach while being closed down with this covid stuff. The Lord has allowed His Word to go forth and be preached even far beyond our plans.

Our church has struggled with all of this, but we praise the Lord He has allowed it to continue. We see things “opening up” and opportunities to serve come our way. We have had opportunities to share the Gospel with people and we pray God will continue to use us.

Next week, May 7th, Melissa will be graduating from Bob Jones University! We are excited and have rejoiced in seeing God provide for this over the past 4 years. When some said it would not happen, we just said, “If God wants you there, He will provide.” And He did! We have a small debt, but we know God will bless to get that paid off, as well.

Please pray for Melissa as she continues to seek the Lord what He has for her in the coming months and years. God has brought a special person in her path, Jacob Rodriguez, and they are praying for God´s leading in that. For now, she will be coming home and looking for a job and continue to serve in a church where she has helped during her time at BJ, also she will be helping us with ministry here.

We praise the Lord that our son, Timothy´s, family is doing great! Our granddaughter is now three and growing. They continue to live in Texas and are in church there. Pray God will continue to bless them.

Natanael is finishing up his first year at Bob Jones also. It has been a difficult year for him as he learns the college life and topped off with covid restrictions, but God is still working in him. Please pray God will continue to do so and show him what He has.

Due to our constant needs, it has been necessary for Mony and I to work. We praise the Lord for the opportunities we have at work to share the Gospel. Pray that God will continue to use us in whatever He has for us.

I constantly remember my verse the Lord gave me back in my young years seeking God´s leading in my life, Ecclesiastes 9:10, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; …” That is what we continue to do.

Thank you for standing with us and praying so we can continue to serve our Lord.

For His Service,

Timothy and Ramona Abbott