Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:

 When Nancy and I are home together in the evening after staring at a computer most of the day or running errands for the Mission, etc., we enjoy watching some TV. We like to look at building off the grid.  I say to myself, “That is exactly what I would like.”  Then my thoughts run quickly to the thought, “Who are you going to share the Gospel with—the bears?”  Then you look around and see how well you really have it right where you are.  I will never forget in one of  my earlier trips to Kenya entering into the place of the poorest of the poor, the Mathare Slums, and seeing the children playing and having a wonderful time in the bags of garbage that were piled fairly high and would fill a football field.  They were just as happy as could be laughing, and chasing one another.  Of course, the cows were rooting around trying to find something delicious to eat. It is all perspective!  Here in America, it seems we have everything we would ever want and the opportunity to get it if we are willing to work hard enough or we could end up like the above.

This month, Togo has been on my heart and mind.  Of course, we have Pastor Paul Assignon with us trying to raise enough funds to put a roof on the main church and about three others plus purchase property for two or three churches that meet at times under a tree.  Please remember Paul and those that are taking him to approximately 20 churches.

 An email came the other day from one of the IGM pastors in Togo that his daughter had been in an accident and was bruised, cut up, and had a broken jaw. She was riding on the back of a motorcycle taxi and it was in an accident and she went flying.  Two of our missionaries dug deep for some funds to cover the cost this past Friday, March 26th for her first surgery with more to come.  I just received an email from her daddy saying, “This is to inform you that our daughter had surgery last Friday. A solution has been given to all the bone issues. After the healing within few weeks, care will be taken of the seven teeth that were damaged.”  This girl will need more work.  Praise the Lord she is still with us.  Those in Togo are having to deal with the COVID like us all.  It would appear that Togo’s treatment is like the US with fewer cases and deaths but the same power and control over the people. Churches are struggling and wanting to get back to normal with less government intervention. It is reported that the police will show up unexpectedly to check on a church and often threaten to shut them down even to the point of threatening to take a violator outside and beat him. 

Our country certainly is not perfect and becoming further from it.  But even then, we have it far better here in America than the third-world countries or do we? They have their problems, but they have ways of handling it.  One of our National Church planters in Benin, Eastern border of Togo, reported that they had stopped for a snack and a young man went running by them and there were many chasing him crying,” Thief, thief, thief.”  Fortunately for him, a motorcycle pulled up and he jumped on and they sped off.  If they had caught him, the people at large would have beaten him to death and often when a thief is caught, they not only beat him but put a car tire around him and set him and the tire on fire. I guess we would have to conclude there is more than one way to catch a thief or deal with a thief.

 Please remember our brothers and sisters around the world that are doing the best they know how to reach out to those who want to find hope, peace, and love through our Lord Jesus Christ! I know for sure that living in a third world country would be difficult and most in America today would not make it.  Praise the Lord, you and I have so much to give away to the needy.  After all, the widow gave all she had!                                                         

Nancy and I want you to know you are appreciated so much for your prayers and support that keep us serving for our Savior and loving His servants.  Did you know that IGM has a special project fund that is used to help our brother and sisters who have unexpected needs?  This year alone, several thousand dollars have gone for surgeries, food, medicines, vehicle repairs, and vehicle replacements.

 Thank you for your faithful prayers and/or support, as we all are, “Together, Reaching The World for Christ.”


Sincerely in the Love of Christ,

Gary and Nancy Newhart

Your Missionaries for the Cause of Christ!




  • For our faithful prayer partners and/or supporters
  • For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
  • God’s continued work in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus around the world.
  • The many souls who have declared their profession of faith through baptism
  • Recently, Bob volunteered to help in the office 2 days a week


  • Safety from COVID-19
  • Continued good health
  • Continued financial support, both for personal and travel


  • Pray for Volunteers
    1. Willing to be of help in the Office
    2. Transport nationals while in country to meetings
    3. Pick up national pastors from the airport and return them when their stay concludes.
    4. Willing to help with cleaning, etc.
    5. Maintain the six flower gardens.
    6. Paint the outside of the IGM house.
  • Pray for more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to operate the Mission.
  • Pray for a vehicle that runs well and the body is in good condition to replace our cancer-ridden, dented-up van. (for the Mission, tax-deductible)
  • Pray for Michael Grubbs, our Communications Coordinator, who is booking meetings for the MTC Team – Sept. 1 – Oct. 10. If interested in scheduling meetings, please call Michael.




Tentative IGM Activities

(Activities all depend on the Pandemic situation)

 MTC – TEAM TRAVEL – SEPT. 1 – OCT. 10, 2021

June   15—IGM Council Meeting

Aug.   24-30—Mission Training Conference

Aug.   26—IGM Council Meeting

Aug.   29—MTC Pastors in Area Churches

Sept.    1—Oct 10 — MTC Team Travels

Dec.   14—IGM Annual Council Meeting


Schedule for Paul Assignon of Togo- drivers Gary Newhart or Michael Grubbs:


 April 4    no scheduled meetings – Easter Sunday

Apr.  7 – Wed.-Bible Baptist Church, Oswego, NY

Apr.11 – MS, SS-First Baptist Church, Little Falls, NY

Apr.11 – Open for a meeting

Apr.14 – Wed.-Williamson Bible Baptist Church, NY

Apr.18 – SS, MS-Eden First Baptist Church, NY

Apr.18 – ES-Quackenbush Hill Baptist Ch., Corning, NY

Apr.21 – Noon & ES-Open Door Bap. Ch.,Churchville, NY

Apr.25 – SS, MS-First Baptist Church, Angelica, NY

Apr.25 – ES – open for a meeting

Apr.28 – Wed.-Cornerstone Bap. Church, Geneseo, NY

May 2 – MS-Embassy of Christ Bible Ch., Rochester, NY

May 2 – ES-Delevan Baptist Church, NY

May 5 – Open for a meeting



June 2 – Gary & Nancy’s 59th Wedding Anniversary

June 6 – Granddaughter’s wedding – Megan Peterson to Dillan McCauley, Forest, VA. (Grandpa Newhart will marry them)             

 July 29 — Gary’s Birthday

Aug. 12 – Nancy’s Birthday