Dear Brethren,

I convey Christian greetings to you in Jesus’ Name. In Kenya, a part of the Body of Christ, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His goodness to us who are members of His body.

The Lord has kept us safe from the attack of Covid-19 and we stand to thank Him for all of us are present and protected of Him. The Lord enabled us to enlarge the worship place we use for gathering with one another in His Name. This worship place, which was tiny, is now enlarged and spacious. It has work remaining to be done:

(1) Cementing the floor

(2) Installing a proper strong metal door in the entrance

(3) Electrical installation

We thank the Lord for the provision and appreciate all who contributed towards God’s work. I also mention to you that we lost some of our church items to thieves who at night on Saturday the 20th broke into our church building (the worship place). They stole the two powerful speakers and all 75 of the new plastic seats that we had bought and were using in the church. Only five seats were left as they looked old.

Pray with us for funds that we need to purchase new seats to replace the stolen ones. We will continue to appreciate your kind prayers to the Lord to continue giving protection to the men, women, and children in the Body of Christ. We praise the Lord Jesus Christ for you all. The Lord richly bless you.

In His Calvary,

Pastor John O. Orinda

Gospel Baptist Church

Nairobi, Kenya